Josh Kirby


WINCHESTER – The Millbrook Pioneers needed to make an adjustment as they were trailing the former state semifinalist Loudoun Valley Vikings. The Pioneers came out and did just that as they defeated the Vikings 69-67 off a Javell Holmes last second shot with just under three seconds left which was not enough time for Loudoun Valley to answer back.

“We kind of just drew up a play” Head Coach Steven Grubbs said “Sometimes things work out the way you draw it up and sometimes things work out in its own little way” in reference to the final play where Detric Brown was able to find Holmes in open space to drive to the basket and score. “Javell was just in a great spot and I just tossed it to him and he made a great play” Brown said.

The first half of play, The Vikings were able to capitalize on forced turnovers and were able to establish pressure. The Pioneers were able to make some key plays in the first half regardless as senior, Ryan Liero knocked down four three-pointers in a row in the first quarter.

“Ryan’s electric when he gets hot, he gets hot, he’s doing everything we ask of him” Grubbs said.

Javell Holmes was also able to breakaway for a slam dunk “He’s a heck of an athlete, he gets up and he gets up.” Grubbs said. “It felt really good I just knew that we were down and it was time for me to hype my team up and the crowd around us” Holmes added about his slam dunk.

The Vikings had the halftime lead 44-37. The Pioneers knew that they needed to make an adjustment and they did just that as the Pioneers defense came out even more physical and held the Vikings to 23 points.

“Playing a little bit quicker instead of thinking where you’re supposed to go and just reacting to it” Coach Grubbs attributed to the teams second half defensive performance.

The Pioneers had five players in double figures, their leading scorer was Ryan Liero with 20 points and shooting five for eight from three-point range. Detric Brown who also played Quarterback for Millbrook had 14 points and went six for seven from the free throw line. “He’s an under-rated post player and he’s a matchup nightmare”, Grubbs added about Brown’s performance in the paint. Tyler Seminaro had 12 points and both Holmes and Richard Pell had 10 points.

Loudoun Valley’s lead scorer was Landen Conrad with 22 points, Joseph Danielson and Nathan Boner both had 11 points and Brett Zimmet had 10.

The Pioneers shot 47.5% from the field, 81.3% from the free throw line and 54.5% from three point range. The Vikings shot 45.2% from the field, 53.3% from the free throw line and 46.7% from three point range.

The next matchup for the Pioneers will be at Spring Mills High School in West Virginia.