Wendy Bell joins News Talk 1400 on September 7, 2021; with her daily show airing weekdays from 9 a.m. – Noon.

According to Bell: “Telling you that I love America says 95% about me. I love this country because of the men and women who’ve fought and died for our freedoms. For our right to speak freely, own guns, make our own decisions and work like hell to pass an honest legacy down to our children. Watching the values we share as Americans be threatened by angry people who want to fundamentally transform this country feeds my fight for truth. I search for the data and facts that disprove so many of the dangerous narratives we hear every day. My goal is to share with you honest, common sense conservatism. Basic family values. 

My professional career has involved several decades on television and a few years in radio. I’m a decorated journalist who stumbled onto the airwaves and found my home. But the media changed. Voices are now silenced. People are censored. So we started WendyBell.com.

As you listen and watch, I’m sure you’ll hear stories about my family. My husband Joe and I have five really cool sons we get to share our lives with. Two are in college, one is in high school, and our last two are in middle school. I want my sons to inherit an America they can be proud of. That’s safe. Where they can realize their wildest dreams. 

Conservative. American. Strong. That’s what it says on the front of our tee-shirts. I will never give you anything less.

Welcome to Wendy Bell Radio!”