Keeping You Informed – First in the Valley

Welcome to, my name is Todd Bartley the new owner and general manager of Winchester’s first radio station WZFC (formerly WINC-AM 1400).

Keeping You Informed – First in the Valley; is the mission of News Talk 1400, and our social media platforms.

With the recent experience of the coronavirus pandemic to build upon, real time information is crucial to the listeners of News Talk 1400 and it is consumed on multiple platforms.

With FOX News updates at the top and bottom of the hour along with local news updates anchored by Susan King, News Talk 1400 brings listeners more news and information than any other local station.

“First in the Valley weather forecasts” twice an hour also keep listeners informed. If severe weather strikes, the “First in the Valley weather center” is activated and additional updates will be provided across all platforms.

Based on the “Keeping Keeping You Informed – First in the Valley” mission, each program on News Talk 1400 has a purpose and is placed in the lineup for specific reasons which will be unveiled over the coming days.

The entire broadcast lineup will be unveiled over the next week beginning with updated weekend programming.

With an 80-year storied history in Winchester and surrounding area it is my humble responsibility to continue the legacy of News Talk 1400 for many years to come.

As a listener myself, I welcome your feedback on the new News Talk 1400 and, my email is and look forward to hearing from you soon.