Josh Kirby


The James Wood Colonels defeated Liberty on Monday Night 51-45. Both Liberty and James Wood came out very physical.

Colonels Jared Neal had an explosive start to the first quarter as he nailed all three of his attempted three-point shots. Liberty kept up with the Colonels but they were not able to establish a lead over James Wood until the five-minute mark in the third quarter. The Eagles had a strong performance from Joe Minor who went 5 of 6 from inside the arc and had a total of 13 points as the lead scorer for Liberty. Tyreke Smith recorded 7 points and Jayden Curtis had 6 points.

The third quarter proved to be a strong quarter for Liberty as the Eagles were able to create pressure on The Colonels and force turnovers that converted into points as the Eagles were able to jump out to an eight point lead at the end of the third quarter, in the fourth quarter James Wood was able to bounce back with a few steals of their own to shift the momentum and eventually retake the lead with 37.4 left in the game and outscoring Liberty 21-7 to win the game.

For the Colonels, Jared Neal was the lead scorer with 17 points (FG: 4-9, 3PT: 3-5) Ashton Kees had 12 (FG: 4-14, FT: 4-6) Andrew Link had 10 points with a perfect 5-5 from field goal range, Chris Morrison had 6 (FG: 3-7) Ben Tollok had 4 (FT: 1-1 3PT: 1-1) The Colonels are now 4-1 with a 3-0 Northwestern District Record.

The Colonels shot 32.7% from inside three point range, 77.8% from the free throw line and 33.3% from three point range.

The Eagles shot 45.2% from inside three point range, 22.2% from the free throw line and 20% from three point range.