Shannon Nordstrom

You would be hard pressed to find another car – talk radio show host that has a parts knowledge like Shannon. Since the day he was born he has been living and/or working at a Auto Recycling and parts facility. There are not many vehicles that Shannon has not seen inside and out right down to the last bolt. He has a vast parts knowledge that is one of the best in the industry. Shannon can describe in great detail parts and their applications on most any vehicle and he keeps up on all of the latest changes in the automotive industry through direct involvement adding to his knowledge every day. This is a great asset when talking to listeners of Under The Hood®.

Shannon’s full time job is as President of Nordstrom’s® Auto Recycling in Garretson, SD. Shannon sits on several advisory boards and is Chairman of ARA’s Certified Auto Recyclers Committee. Shannon has grown up in the automotive industry and has spent his entire life working around all aspects of vehicles from beginning to end. He also has earned ASE Certification as a Engine and Parts Specialist.

Shannon started Under The Hood® in 1990 and has been having fun helping people with their cars on the show ever since.

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