Russ Evans

Raised in the suburbs of the “Motor City” Detroit, it left an early impression on Russ giving him a lifelong passion for cars.

On his first episode of Under The Hood® he was Nicknamed The Supertech by a listener. He is sometimes accused of being a “freak of nature” when it comes to his extensive knowledge of automotive systems.

This acquiring of knowledge started way back in the early 70s while living next to Ford automotive engineer John Locke. As a child Russ would spend hours tinkering with parts John would give to him. When his father purchased a 1925 model-TT Ford truck to restore he learned even more about automobiles and that quest for knowledge continues today. Russ enjoys working on and researching vehicle systems, including everything from electronic computer controls to the deepest internal mechanical workings of components. He has often successfully given diagnostic information right down to the color of the wire over-the-air on Under The Hood and does so without the aid of any in-studio reference. Russ writes articles for The Motor Market, a publication about cars and other motorized vehicles and a weekly answer column called Ask the Motor Medics® which is syndicated across America.

He earned ASE Master Certified Automotive Technician certification with advanced level engine performance certification and has also earned certification through Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, AC Delco, and BMW. He Served as President of the South Dakota Automotive Service Association four consecutive years and is currently the manager of the Nordstrom’s® Installation and Diagnostic Center in Garretson, SD. a full service automotive repair and diagnostic center where the Motor Medics® gain much of their hands-on day-to-day knowledge.

Being a host of a car – talk show is a dream job for Russ. Helping people and working with cars, he says it doesn’t get better than that.

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