Robbie Landis


Robbie started gaming as a toddler with grandpa on the Nintendo and then with siblings on the Sega Genesis. It was countless hours, days and months playing Sonic! First personal console owned was a PlayStation when he fell in love with Role Playing Games starting with Final Fantasy VII. Then RPGs served as a gateway to Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games. While in college he joined a Dungeons and Dragons tabletop gaming group and has since been a huge supporter of all tabletop gaming.

Robbie has an amazing 20+ years of gaming experience in all genres. He is co-creator and a host of Limit Break Radio, the most popular Final Fantasy Online Podcast for 10 years. Host/creator of The Rogue’s Den, a special limited series of walkthroughs for Final Fantasy XI Online. He has participated in Extra Life 2007 and 2008 to raise over $20,000 for Children’s Hospitals. Attended Central Michigan University for a degree in Performance Arts.

The first video game Robbie ever played was Yoshi’s Cookie Factory with his grandpa. This kicked off what would become the single most defining characteristic of his life and career. Growing up between two families with seven siblings he sought privacy in gaming. It was Role Playing Games that captured his passion with a combination of deep, complex characters, riveting storytelling and immersive world building, three aspects of writing that he loved. In 2006 Robbie met Nate Bender at Central Michigan University and the two created Limit Break Radio which led to the creation and launch Final Encounter Cast, a podcast dedicated to analyzing and discussing the trends and ground breaking announcements of the Gaming Industry. Despite all his background in podcasting and gaming Robbie still just describes himself simply as a ‘Gamer’.

“I remember very well what my late father said to me.” “Find something you love. Put everything you have into it. Read every book, watch every video, and spend every waking hour dedicating yourself to best the best.” “CheckPoint Radio is the fulfillment of that advice from my father. For me it’s a dream come true.”

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