Norris Howard


Norris has been an avid gamer since he could hold a controller going back to the early days of Duck Hunt and Kung Fu. Norris has played and owned virtually every major Sony and Nintendo console and is entering the PC gaming world through MMORPGs.

While Norris studied broadcast journalism at Wayne State University he interned as a writer and photographer for the Michigan Chronicle as well as broadcasting at WDET 101.9. He is also creator of, a multimedia website specializing in TV, music, gaming and photography.

A native Detroiter, Norris Howard has always been a huge game fan even before game culture became as ubiquitous as it is now. Some of his experiences with gaming as it relates to inner-city culture are moments that have defined his viewpoint on the world. He often states that gaming kept him out of trouble as a youth and helped him with everything from essay writing to social media. A staunch supporter of the Final Fantasy series, his companion You Tube channel “Great Lakers Detroit” (under the name GreatLakerNori) is filled with gaming videos and streams from various games such as Street Fighter V and No Man’s Sky.

On CheckPoint Radio Norris offers, “E-Sports may have started in dank, seedy arcades but it has brought the world together with the same feeling what captivated me years ago. CheckPoint Radio is here to not only provide gaming news but also illustrate that games have the power to drive minds, emotions and markets in the 21 st century!”

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