Nathan Bender


Nate Bender is a lifelong gaming enthusiast with 10 years of experience in the broadcasting industry working at a variety of stations and formats including sports radio. Seeking a way to combine his passion with his career Nate created Limit Break Radio in 2006 with partner Robbie Landis. It is the most popular podcast serving the Final Fantasy Online community spanning ten years and two generations of Final Fantasy games. In its original run Limit Break Radio shattered boundaries and expectations breaking into the top 10 gaming podcasts on the iTunes podcast charts, working with developer Square-Enix and raising $20,000 for kids with cancer through the Extra Life charity effort. Nate has served as the creative director, website administrator and is currently the CEO for Limit Break Radio Inc. In 2015, they launched Final Encounter Cast, a talk show focusing on discussions of current events in the gaming industry. The show has quickly grown in popularity and has been invited to E3 2016 and Alamo City Comic Con. Nate has been guest speaking on the subject of video games for dozens of other shows and has gained a reputation as an outspoken critical thinker and dynamic entertainer.

Nate worked at Detroit Sports 105.1 as a producer from 2013-2016, has worked in commercial and public radio since 2004. Hosted gaming podcasts for 10 years, created the most popular podcast for the Final Fantasy Online community, helped launch 10 other gaming podcasts including Aetheryte Radio, Gamer Escape Radio, The Rogue’s Den and Re:Fresh, created an officially partnered gaming channel on Twitch TV, nominated for podcast awards in the categories of “Best Gaming Podcast” and “Best Produced”. He has contributed to online gaming documentary, multiple blogs and appeared on radio shows and gaming podcasts as a guest. He is also a voice actor, an improv and stand-up comedian and amateur stage performer. Nate has a communications degree from Central Michigan University.

Nate shared, “These types of shows and conversations have existed as podcasts and web streams for a while. Now with Checkpoint Radio we’ve got an opportunity to utilize a mature medium that I’ve dedicated my career to. It’s an honor to have this kind of opportunity.”

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