Chris Carter

Chris may not work in a shop full time like the rest of the guys but he rocks Under The Hood® like no other, having been in the radio business since Shep was a pup. If you don’t get that reference Google it!

When Chris is not on our air he is hosting One of the most popular Award-Winning Country Morning Shows in the Nation along with his co-host Doc.

Chris loves cars and is your average car person. Not as car-tech-savvy as Russ and Shannon which often saves the show from otherwise boring techno babble that would bore you to death. Chris jumps right in to save the day with questions the listener wants to hear and just plain makes the show fun.

Chris is a great friend to everyone and his knowledge of the radio industry has been an invaluable part of the show. A walking encyclopedia of music knowledge and a musician himself and can do battle with the best of them in a mean game of music trivia.

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